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Unearthing the story of a billion-year-old shine

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, "shine like a diamond." But few know about the technicality that lies behind the brilliant shine of a diamond. Besides refraction, it is the phenomenon of internal reflection that contributes to the brilliance of a diamond. And more the cuts of a diamond, more is the internal reflection that further adds to the shine of a diamond.

And at Chirag Jewellers - founded in 1972 by late Rameshchandra Shah in Kolkata - every diamond is meticulously carved and cut with precision, adding brilliance not only to the diamond but also to the wearer. Our master craftsmen meticulously carve each piece of diamond with precision matching the standards of GIA and IGI in terms of Cut, Clarity and Colour.

The diamond proportion followed:

l Table: Around 57 to 60 cuts

l Crown angle: Around 13 to 15.5 degree

l Depth: 62.8 degree