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A Chirag Promise

Chirag Jewellers, founded in 1972 with an operational philosophy to serve a customer with honesty and sincerity, has developed today as the city's foremost authority on the subject of selecting and purchasing diamond jewellery. Continuous innovation as well as a progressive and an enthusiastic spirit has helped us to achieve outstanding standards of professionalism along with a special emphasis on three key elements :

Customer Based

Neither the sales amount nor the profit margin is our primary concern. Instead, we focus on having satisfied customers. We strongly believe that a repeat client is the cornerstone of any meaningful and successful business. We constantly strive to improve ourselves to serve the changing needs of our clients.

Good valued Products

It is been our primary endeavour since years that we cater to our customers by providing only good valued products .To meet this requirement, we exercise the most stringent quality control measures. Our diamonds achieve a clarity of VVS or Very fine VS1 and are graded EF (G+) which is clean and nearly colourless.

Service Oriented

We understand that good-valued products alone will not result in satisfied and repeat customers. Hence, every member of our concern is always ready to serve a customer to his total satisfaction with a view to establishing a long-term mutual beneficial relationship.